change app logo


To change the app logo or app icon in your Android project, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your new app logo or icon in the appropriate sizes. Android requires multiple versions

    of the app icon to support different screen densities. The common sizes include:

    • 48x48 pixels (mdpi)
    • 72x72 pixels (hdpi)
    • 96x96 pixels (xhdpi)
    • 144x144 pixels (xxhdpi)
    • 192x192 pixels (xxxhdpi)
  2. Open your Android project in Android Studio.

  3. In the Project view (usually located on the left side of the screen), navigate to the "res" directory.

  4. Expand the "res" directory and locate the "mipmap" folder(s). There may be multiple mipmap folders

    for different screen densities (e.g., mipmap-mdpi, mipmap-hdpi, etc.). The app icon should be placed

    in each of these folders with the appropriate sizes.

  5. Replace the existing app icon files with your new app logo files. Ensure that the new app logo files have

    the same names as the ones they are replacing. For example, the files should be named "ic_launcher.png"

    or "ic_launcher_round.png".

  6. Clean and rebuild your project to ensure the changes take effect. You can do this by selecting "Build"

    from the Android Studio menu and then choosing "Clean Project" followed by "Rebuild Project".

After rebuilding your project, the updated app logo or icon will be displayed on the device home

screen and in the app launcher.

It's important to note that some launchers or devices may apply additional effects or shapes to the app icon.

To customize these aspects, you can explore the AndroidManifest.xml file and define an <application> element

with the desired android:icon attribute. However, this approach is less common and may require additional considerations.